*Note: this post is a condensed version of the Coming Out Gold Podcast Episode 15 found here.

In the last post, we chatted about fear, and I gave you four steps to defeating it once and for all. My favorite tip was setting up a place to capture all your wins – big and small.  I have my 2022 evidence board up in my office ready to roll and can’t wait to see you sharing yours very soon. Today I want to offer some insight into why you need a coach and how it could benefit your life.  I am so excited to chat about this topic because I have personally experienced the transformative power of investing in a coach, and I want you to experience the same. Let’s dive in!


Reality check: We all have 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week. We can’t change that; it simply is. I think we feel this way because we are longing to make progress in ways that feel significant, but most days we just feel tired and a bit beat up. For those who have a task list the size of Alaska, there aren’t enough hours in a day to tick off every task, and some days the to-do list seems to get longer, not shorter, which is super frustrating! This cycle leaves us tired because we focus on the urgent instead of the important. We don’t spend time doing tasks that fill our souls because we are so busy adulting. This isn’t living. Seriously, if you get to the end of each day railing at yourself for all you didn’t do, how can you expect to experience joy in your day-to-day life?


See, Olympians bring their talent and natural gifts to every arena.  Those are abilities they were born with, and then they spend years cultivating them.  What they are so clever to realize is that they can’t get to the gold medal on their own, so they hire coaches to guide them.  Some of these coaches have walked the path they dream of walking, know what they don’t yet know, and can draw out a higher level of greatness within them perhaps they didn’t know existed.  Their coach pulls out strengths they didn’t know existed, shores up weak spots, and provides a daily plan for reaching their maximum potential.  The best part is their coach walks with them every step of the journey.  We celebrate the Olympian who reached this level with the help of a coach.
So why then, do we as women, set a standard that we must do it alone and never ask for help?  Is it to prove our strength, show our worth, or earn our value?  This train of thought is a toxic lie founded in a patriarchal system women have done their white-knuckled best to live up to for far too long.  It’s time we let go of this lie and start living a better story.



According to the International Coaching Federation, the coaching industry in the U.S. expects to grow from $15 billion to $20 billion in the next three years alone.  This industry is growing in popularity because everyone can benefit from investing in a quality coach.
There are several thoughts around what constitutes a coach, so let’s get on the same page before we dive too deep.  In the simplest terms, a coach helps you create a life you love by helping you get clear on what matters most, dream big dreams for where you want to go, and then create a strategy to get you there.  Health, business, mindset, and financial coaches are a few more popular types. Each coach has their own program for creating transformation for their clients.
A good coach holds you accountable for doing what you say you are going to do, but they don’t do the work for you. This is a sweat equity type of relationship, and everyone has to show up ready to do some heavy lifting.  Being an excellent listener is critical in a coach as is asking questions.  There shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all plan because every client comes to the table with a specific set of skills, challenges, and experiences.  Plus, success looks different from one person to the next. The best coaches create customized plans to address your unique needs and ensure you level up.
There is no such thing as a perfect coach. They haven’t conquered every challenge; they have simply learned tools and strategies for navigating situations that will make giant impacts in your life and business. And let’s face it, there are times in life when we need someone to remind us we can do hard things and who will stand with us while we do them.




May I ask you a question? If you had been to dinner with friends and tasted the most amazing dessert ever, some delicious, complicated masterpiece, would you be able to go home and make it the next day after just tasting it? Or would having a detailed recipe with a step-by-step plan be your best bet for duplicating the dessert? I am going the recipe route because this girl needs a proven plan! A coach helps you create a unique and customized recipe for success as you define it, and it works in your current life season and those to come.

I believe if you are reading this post, then you want to love the life you are in and the one you’re building. I believe your best-case scenario would have you jumping out of bed each day full of energy and excitement for what’s to come. It would be a life where even the challenges are welcome because they are simply another step in the direction of your dreams. Unfortunately, that isn’t how most are living. Many are frustrated, and the days seem like someone hit the repeat button. This isn’t okay. You shouldn’t feel exhausted by your one beautiful life because it has gotten hi-jacked by dream-killing responsibilities and far too much adulting!



After having my life implode, I had no choice but to focus on surviving from one day to the next. I had to keep a roof over our heads. I worked as many as three jobs at a time to make ends meet. Even in the jobs where I liked what I did and the people I worked with, it was exhausting. I’ve poured my soul into jobs that left no room for my dreams. I endured intense fires, but I didn’t let them consume me. I persisted and came out the other side. Now I help other women learn to do the same. Together we can step past limiting beliefs and the broken bits of our stories to rise from the ashes in power and strength, ready to keep moving towards our goals. A good coach will have been through some stuff and found their way to the other side.

In the book Atomic Habits, author James Clear says, “Every action you take is a vote for the person you want to become.” Because you can’t see what you can’t see and you don’t know what you don’t know, investing in a coach is a vote for the person you want to become. When you invest in a coach you will see where you have challenges and create pathways to get beyond them. You will raise your exceptions to see the endless possibilities your life can hold. Great coaches will teach you to manage your time, energy, and resources and give you new systems and processes to implement that can radically change your life. Mindset shifts happen when you invest in coaching. You stop playing small and start thriving, kick self-doubt to the curb and use your superpowers to change the world.

I loved the accountability having a coach gave me as well as the impartial, unbiased insight. I think we can all admit we sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees! One of the most important things to remember is your coach is equally invested in your success, so you are never alone on the journey. Coaches help you look forward so that your past no longer holds you back. Regardless of the fires, you have walked through, investing in a coach can help you come out gold.



Now let’s talk about investing for a sec. I know I mentioned this in a previous post, but it bears repeating. YOU ARE WORTH INVESTING IN. If you had just graduated from high school and were headed off to college, you would be thrown a party to celebrate your choice to invest in your future by going to college even though it requires an enormous financial investment. People would even bring you gifts to help celebrate the choice. If you had worked to save some money and decided to buy a house, you would get a huge loan and your home would be considered by many an investment. There would be a housewarming party, and again, people would bring you gifts to celebrate your making that investment.

Somehow though, many of us have gotten this so twisted that we think it’s foolish to invest in ourselves when there are other places to use the money. Some might say it’s selfish. How does that make sense? An 18-year-old takes on tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and we celebrate, but as grown women, we aren’t willing to invest a much smaller amount to see radical transformation in our lives. Again, how does that make any sense?

Stop believing the lie that you aren’t worth the investment. You ARE. Your future is. Your legacy is. Your healing is. Your dreams are. Please hear this and let it echo into every corner of your soul, so you never again believe anything less. This is your one beautiful life. You should make the most of it. And isn’t it worth a small investment to break old patterns and learn tools to last all of your days?




Finding the right coach for you is vital. You need to meet with any prospective coach before you invest in their program. It is important to ensure you two get along and approach things similarly. Think of the show, Biggest Loser. There were two very different coaches on the show. Bob was tough but gentle and empathetic. Jillian was matter-of-fact and driven to see success, even if it meant you were running for the trash can every five minutes. Both accomplished the goal but with very different tactics. Most coaches, me included, offer free discovery calls, so be sure to schedule one before you invest. Coaches value this call because we don’t want to work with you if we aren’t a good fit. Both of us will feel frustrated, and success might feel like pushing boulders uphill. No reason to set either of us for that.

In my coaching program, I use a more holistic approach. I find it vital to evaluate the totality of who you are as a woman. Whether you are a business owner, a career woman, or a stay-at-home mama, there are multiple roles you play that need attention. This comprehensive approach ensures you find a sustainable and life-giving balance. I help you define your purpose and clarify who you want to be and how you want to live. Together we identify existing roadblocks and look ahead to see any that might creep up on the horizon. My goal is to give clients a toolbox full of tools, systems, and strategies to use for years to come.



As I said earlier, you don’t know what you don’t know. A coach can help fill those gaps for you or provide the resources to ensure you have what you need. This week I challenge you to give some serious thought to investing in a coach. If you think we might be a good fit, you can book a discovery call by using the contact form here.

If you want a next-level, gold medal kind of life, invest in a coach, someone who helps you see what you can’t see, presses you to get uncomfortable, teaches you how to rumble with hard things, and so much more. You deserve to invest in yourself because the world needs what only you bring to the table,

Please, Lovie. Don’t wait one more minute. Find a coach today and start working towards your gold medal life. You are worth the investment.


Until next week, remember, I am in it WITH you, always,

Coach Tammy