I help overwhelmed women and female entrepreneurs learn to manage their energy, time, and resources so they can become purpose-filled women in love with their life, their business, and their future.

Stop running on the hamster wheel of hustle and start living life with clarity and purpose with space for what matters most.

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Clarifying Identity

Clarifying your personal and brand identity through a series of exercises designed to zero in on who you serve and what you value


Creating Impact and Purpose

Clearly defining the impact and purpose for your life and business so that your why becomes the driving momentum behind all of your decisions


Planning For Your Future

Designing an ideal trajectory and clear pathway so you can live a successful life, have a profitable business, and be a woman in love with her life

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Coming Out Gold Podcast

Welcome to the Coming Out Gold Podcast with Coach Tammy. This podcast is for the woman feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities weighing her down. It is for the woman ready to stop striving and start thriving. The episodes will help you get clear on what matters most, ignite what sets your heart on fire, and create a pathway to the life of your dreams. With practical tools and a tested strategy, you will learn to manage your energy, time, and resources. It is time for you to stop waiting for someday, stand in your power, and go after your wildest dreams. Press play and let’s get started!

About Us

Many of my clients have struggled with feeling overwhelmed – as if there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done – much less done well. They were doing their best to keep all the plates spinning. Unfortunately, they were left feeling like their best effort wasn’t enough. I couldn’t stand to see women feeling like that.

After feeling overwhelmed for far too long, I implemented some daily rhythms into my life that helped me learn to manage my energy, time, and resources in a way that created margin and left me feeling successful at the end of each day. I want you to experience the same freedom so you can:

  • put an end to overwhelm and find peace
  • have margin for the people and activities you love
  • live a passion-filled life with clarity and purpose
  • make swift, clear decisions
  • fall in love with your life

You can start living the life you deserve by following these three easy steps:
1. Book a call
2. Enjoy a free 30-minute consultation
3. Implement a custom plan

Follow this simple plan to get immediate results. And know, as a client, you won’t go it alone! I will be in it with you to ensure you overcome any roadblocks that might pop up.
Coach Tammy


“RS Coach and Strategist came to me at a time when I was just plain weary! I needed help and I couldn’t figure out where to start because I was so overwhelmed! Tammy set up one on one meetings with me where she led me down the path to get me back on the right track. I was able to focus on the most important things like branding and social media. We put systems into place to set everyone up for success. She helped me plan ahead so that I could start being proactive and not reactive. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I know my new coffee shop will be going in the right direction with Tammy coaching us every step of the way!”

~Marla Peoples, CEO/owner of Simplicity of Life, co-owner of Bella Fiore Salon

“I highly recommend Tammy as a Coach and Strategist!  She has been amazing in helping me break down the steps to get my business started. She is a great listener and has such great suggestions!”

~Vicki Hamdorf, Health Coach and CEO of Hamdorf’s Homeroom

“I have known Tammy for over 10 years.  I will never forget how she and a group of women helped me grow closer to God and find peace within myself.  Her passion is her love of God and her dedication to helping others.  It is a blessing to know her.”

~Maryam Clyburn, MS, LPC

If someone says Tammy the first words that come to mind are True Grit. If you are as old as I am, you might first think of that 1969 movie with John Wayne and Glen Campbell. But it has nothing to do with an old movie and everything to do with being a real star.

True grit is not something you hear too often, but it is a person with passion and perseverance, and this is Tammy.  She is someone who will walk beside you, and help you slay all the dragons of defeat, and will demonstrate the courage to follow through to achieve victory.  This is her Godly gift that she is willing to share with you, and a testimony of her love for Jesus.

Rachelle Mileshko
Retired – Commercial Property Admin.

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