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Welcome to the Coming Out Gold Podcast with Coach Tammy. This podcast is for the woman feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities weighing her down. It is for the woman ready to stop striving and start thriving. The episodes will help you get clear on what matters most, ignite what sets your heart on fire, and create a pathway to the life of your dreams. With practical tools and a tested strategy, you will learn to manage your energy, time, and resources. It is time for you to stop waiting for someday, stand in your power, and go after your wildest dreams. Press play and let’s get started!

Recent Episodes

Episode 69

asking yourself what if

Episode 68

Give yourself some credit

Episode 67

Breaking up with false narratives

Episode 66

Love Thyself

Episode 65

Defining our non-negotiables

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Recent Episodes

Episode 34

the responsibility of inviting others to the table

Episode 33

How to break free from your origin story

Episode 32

Who is the real enemy in your life?

Episode 31

Season Two kick-off and catch-up

Episode 30

Season One Finale Fun